Awesome Websites

Here’s a list of some awesome websites, shows, and podcasts to follow if you’re into animation or visual effects like I am.

fxguide: In-depth articles on the latest in visual effects. Their articles can get pretty technical, but at least you can go and look at the awesome breakdowns.

fxguide has some great podcasts too, and if you haven’t been listening to TheVfxShow or fxguidePodcast, you’ve got hundreds of hours of backlog to listen to! They’re either discussions about visual effects or in-depth interviews with the artists who made the film. Very interesting stuff to listen to while you work.

Chaos Group’s cgGarage podcast is also really great. It’s very similar to fxguide in that they’re interviews but they post more frequently. Great to listen to!

Cinefex is also a really great resource for reading about animation and visual effects. They have a really great blog and an awesome magazine!

SamandNiko (Corridor Digital) have a fantastic behind the scenes channel that is both informative and really just a lot of fun. I highly recommend following them.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back to add on to this page another time 🙂