Geometry Controls using Nodes

Hi everyone!

This discovery comes directly from a Jason Schleifer video  and I really just wanted to pass it on. It’s a very simple method for creating controls that stick to geometry.

Screenshot (37)
The node layout for this setup

How it works:

  • We get our out mesh from the skin cluster and plug that into a mesh that’s the duplicate of that skinned mesh
  • However, doing that will give us double transforms. That’s where the Transform Geometry node will come in
  • We plug in the World Inverse Matrix to a Transform Geometry node, and get the skinned mesh’s out mesh from our skinned geo’s Shape
  • We then plug in the result of that Transform Geometry node into our new control’s shape.

Overall, it’s a pretty simple process that, so far, seems easy to implement. I made a quick script that does this for you. All you do is select the geometry on the skinned mesh you want to become the control and then give it a child.


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