RigAssembly Script/UI Test

Hi all!

It’s been a while, but I’ve been very hard at work.

This UI and script is the culmination of a few months of work. It’s a UI for an autoRig script I’ve written.


  • Add any number of arms, legs, etc and connect them to a spine
  • Stretchy ribbon limbs
  • Elbow pinning
  • Smooth twist forearms
  • Noodle arms
  • Hybrid IK/FK ribbon spine
  • Reverse foot setup
  • IK/FK blend
  • FK arm/leg stretching
  • Ability to turn off stretching on limbs


  • Automatic rig coloring
  • Ability to change rig control colors after creation
  • Auto-scaling of rig controls based on character’s height
  • Ability to minimize the amount of ribbons created (for game engine rigs)

Things I’m planning to add:

  • A functionality that will set up your rig’s hierarchy in such a way that unreal will accept it (i.e. all the joints are one hierarchy, the controls are in a totally separate group from the joints, etc. )This should be added very soon.
  • Facial rigging setup. I already have the script written for this, so I just have to implement it into the rig.
  • Ribbon tail module

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