Simple PySide Maya Scene Cleanup Tool


cleanup ool


Hi all!

Today I’m going to be showing a new tool I wrote using the GUI API PySide for Maya. It’s a little confusing at first, but after a while I enjoyed the level of flexibility and design I was able to get out of it compared to Maya’s simple UI tools. The goal of this project was to learn how different widgets work in PySide and to get comfortable with the process of integrating it within Maya. I learned a lot! I think I’ll be writing all my future GUIs in PySide/QT.

The tool has options for deleting history, non-deformer history, and unused nodes. It also has a re-label tool that has a dropdown menu for different labels to choose from. I chose this method because it allows me to easily predict what the pre/suffixes are that I need to replace out of the string before I append the new suffix on.

The renamer tool is pretty basic but it works. You can even press enter to run its command.

The next project I’d want to do is to figure out how to do some sort of Picker Window-type tool in PySide that’s similar to the AnimSchool picker. After some research, it seems like it’s going to be pretty complex, so I’ll need to start small.




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