Stretchy Joint Chain Script

Here’s a quick thing I wrote up that simply makes the selected joints stretchy.
You just select the first and last joint and then all the ones in between will stretch to a new distance dimension shape. It works with joints of varying lengths.

Check it out:

import maya.cmds as cmds

# StretchyJoint
# Benjamin Morgan
# 6/11/16
# Select start and end joint. Makes the joints inbetween stretch to the length of a distance dimension.
# Also creates an IK that can be deleted if not needed. 

class StretchyJoint(object):
    def __init__(self):
        if len(,o=1,type="joint")) != 2:
            cmds.confirmDialog(title="error",m="Please Select Start and End Joints")
        # Init start and end joint attributes
        self.firstJoint =,o=1,type="joint")[0]
        self.endJoint =,o=1,type="joint")[1]
        self.firstJointPos = cmds.xform(self.firstJoint,q=1,t=1,ws=1)
        self.endJointPos = cmds.xform(self.endJoint,q=1,t=1,ws=1)
        # Gets the children between the two joints,self.endJoint,hi=1)
        self.jointChain =,o=1,type="joint")
        # Create the distance dimension
        self.startLoc = cmds.spaceLocator(n="startLoc#")
        self.endLoc = cmds.spaceLocator(n="endLoc#")
        self.distDim = cmds.distanceDimension()
        self.distDimShape = cmds.pickWalk(d="down")[0]
        # Basic setup for finding the factor by which the distance has been changed. 
        self.distFactor = cmds.createNode("multiplyDivide",n="distFactor#")
        cmds.setAttr(self.distFactor + ".op",2)
        cmds.setAttr(self.distFactor + ".i2x",cmds.getAttr(self.distDimShape + ".distance"))
        cmds.connectAttr(self.distDimShape + ".distance",self.distFactor + ".i1x")
        # Start at 1 because we don't want the first joint's tx to change or else the whole chain will move
        i = 1
        while i < len(self.jointChain):
            # This node multiplies the joint's default length by the factor of stretch (ex: 2 * 1.5)
            comp = cmds.createNode("multiplyDivide",n=self.jointChain[i] + "Comp#")
            cmds.setAttr(comp + ".i1x",cmds.getAttr(self.jointChain[i] +".tx"))
            cmds.connectAttr(self.distFactor + ".ox",comp + ".i2x")
            cmds.connectAttr(comp + ".ox",self.jointChain[i] + ".tx")
            i += 1
        # Create the IK controls.,self.endLoc,self.distDim,n="ctrl_GRP#")
        self.jointIK = cmds.ikHandle(sj=self.firstJoint,ee=self.endJoint)
        self.ikGrp =[0],n="jointIK_GRP#")
        cmds.setAttr(self.ikGrp + ".visibility",0)
myStretchyJoint = StretchyJoint()


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