Reverse Foot Setup

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.

The reverse foot setup is brilliant. It’s simple and keeps the joints locked down when the leg rotates. I love it!

It’s called “reverse” because you start at the heel, go to the toe, and then back up to the ankle. It serves as a target for all your ik handles, which are still connected to the fk bind joints.

How to set it up:

  1. Start with your simple leg/foot setup
  2. I scripted it to create the reverseHeel joint at the tY position of the toe (in case you move it), and then all the other reverse joints are at the coordinates of the toe, foot, and ankle.
  3. Parent constrain the toeIK to the reverseToe, footIK to the reverseFoot, and legIK to the reverseAnkle.
  4. If you have a stretchy limb setup like I do, parent constrain the distLocEnd to the reverseAnkle as well. (I went ahead and deleted the original control locator I had for that as well).

That’s it! You now have solid control of the toe, foot, and ankle that can be turned off and switched to FK super easily.

Next step? Create the roll and bank attributes for the foot. Should be fun.


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